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Voters can express support for referendum on gay marriage


The procedure to collect the 40,000 voter signatures is thought to be a mere formality since the group initiating the referendum has said it already has the sufficient support for a popular vote.

However, by law the Children are at Stake will be given until 26 November to collect the requisite signatures. This way it will get the full 35-day period at its disposal, given that parliament banned the referendum only four days into its bid for the vote.

Once the period passes and the group submits the signatures, parliament will call the referendum, which will likely be held at the end of the year.

The referendum ban was overturned last week by the Constitutional Court on the grounds that the National Assembly was not qualified to rule that the vote dealt with a law rectifying a human rights violation.

The highest court in the land said that only it was able to rule on whether a law rectified a violation of human rights to fit the definition of a constitutional provision banning referenda on human rights.

The law equalising gay marriage to that of a union between a man and woman was passed by the National Assembly in March after years of debate on how to provide for marriage equality in the country.

It was proposed by the opposition United Left (ZL) and got the support of the ruling coalition.


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