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Slovenia to set up accommodation for additional 2,000 refugees


Some 12,000 places were pledged in the first teleconference of the countries along the route on Thursday. Additional 50,000 slots are to be set up in Greece.

In the teleconference Austria promised to provide accommodation for 5,000 people, Serbia for 3,000 and Croatia for 2,000, the European Commission said in a press release.

The conference was held four days after the EU-Balkans summit at which a 17-point plan was adopted as a response to the migration crisis faced by the Balkan countries.

Slovenia also reported in the conference on the progress of the summit's pledge to provide 400 police officers to help the country cope with the refugee influx.

Other member states have so far promised to send to Slovenia a total of 183 police officers; 13 are already in the country and 30 are currently on the way.


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