The Slovenia Times

4.2 magnitude quake shakes SE Slovenia


The epicentre was eight kilometres outside of Brežice or 94 kilometres south-east of Ljubljana where the tremor could also be felt. A series of small aftershocks were recorded as well.

Data by European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) puts the magnitude of the earthquake slightly higher, at 4.8.

A few aftershocks with the same epicentre were recorded. According to the EMSC, one reached the magnitude of 3.3.

So far no serious damage beyond a few collapsed chimneys has been reported.

The Environment Agency assessed that the magnitude of the earthquake did not reach level V to VI as defined by the European Macroseismic Scale (EMS-98).

A level IV earthquake by the EMS-98 is felt by many people outdoors and causes windows, doors and dishes to rattle, but does not damage buildings.

The tremor was also recorded by the measuring instruments at the Krško nuclear power plant, located in the affected region, but did no affect it in any way. The plant said it continued to operate reliably and at full capacity.


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