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IDENTITY DRESS, International Fashion Design Exhibition


Curated by Eric Maj Potočnik & Matjaž Plošinjak, IDENTITY DRESS discovers possibilities of expression in design when limited by a strictly defined form. Based on the same pattern cut, each participant, whether a young aspiring talent or a well established designer, creates a dress that defines him. The highly anticipated fashion-related project in the region will take place from 19 November until 13 December 2015 at the National Museum of Slovenia, in Ljubljana (Slovenia, EU), starting with a distinctive opening show.

"The idea was brought to life in desire to diverge from the standard fashion-related formats; as a kind of matrix of creative escape, liberating designers of any commercially oriented pressure. For the third consecutive year we are launching a creative experiment exploring the possibilities of expression in design, while being limited by a pre-defined form. With the common denominator of a basic cut, we offer designers a blank sheet of paper on which each individual writes a story of their own. In this context, the dress represents the signature of its creator and a mirror image of his or her personality. With its assertion of display of the authentic ideas, IDENTITY DRESS is establishing itself as an original event in the world of fashion," added Eric Maj Potočnik upon the organisation of the independent project.

In addition to reveal the identities of the carefully selected partaking designers, the underlying theme of the project is intercultural and international integration, which promotes creative exploration in design.

Among 35 designers taking part in the past two editions of the project, both set as the major components of the international festival of creative industries Month of Design Ljubljana, were the infamous British designer and milliner Lara Jensen, Spain based Lebanese designer Assaad Awad, Ana Ljubinković from Serbia with her playful aesthetics, young talent of Thailand Wisharawish, and Slovenian designers, such as Jelena Pirkmajer (Cliché) and Nika Ravnik (niOka).

Partaking designers of the 3rd edition of IDENTITY DRESS are: Baiba Ladiga (Latvia), Dajana Ljubičić (Slovenia), Derek Lawlor (United Kingdom), Dóra Mojzes (Hungary), Ece Ozalp (Turkey), Eleftheria Arapoglou / Digitaria (Greece), Jolka Wiens (Germany / Netherlands), Judith van Vliet (Netherlands), Leandro Cano (Spain), Loredana Bahorić / Charlie Design (Croatia), Matic Veler (Slovenia), Nikki Duijst (Netherlands), Paula Carmen RiMoli (Italy), Stefán Orschel-Read (United Kingdom / Hong Kong), Timotej Bistan (Slovenia), Viviano Sue (Japan), Yojiro Kake (Japan / Italy), and Yong Kyun Shin (South Korea).

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