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Yellow, orange and brown  shades and every shade in-between, just like people I thought, but we still have a long walk  ahead for harmony. The world is facing an ongoing conflict on one side and inventing robots  on another. "Imagine all the people living life in peace", John Lennon used to sing and it is sometimes worth listening to the music, very loudly! 

Where is Slovenia in all of this? People used to say in the heart of Europe and since 2003,  The Slovenia Times has brought the stories of Slovenia to an international audience. Our  autumn edition is focused on business, not only from Slovenia but also from the region, with  our new section Regional Insight. In another new section Economic Review, we discover the  Investment environment with perspectives from some of the most renowned international  organisations. We also invited companies from Slovenia to provide their comments about  their investment experiences in the section: Slovenia Business Challenges. 

With travel being an increasingly important part of life, the In the Spotlight section of this  issue is dedicated to transport & logistics. You can find some interesting facts and figures  from the Slovenian sectors and the broader picture when reading an interview with the  European Commissioner for Transport. 

So much has been happening in Bled, the magical place just 30 kilometers from Ljubljana  Airport. The season started with the 10th anniversary Bled Strategic Forum, the traditional  diplomatic rendezvous. This year, participants marked a number of important anniversaries  for the international community as revealed in this edition. With so much happening politically  and economically globally, The Slovenia Times spoke to the Former President of the  Republic of Slovenia, who points out that Europeans have to demonstrate that European  values are meaningful.

Finally, I will leave some topics in this magazine to surprise you as you browse through and  smell the print. However, if you have a preference for digital, then we invite you to subscribe  on our website ( The Slovenia Times e-newsletter will find you on  your smart gadget, anytime, anywhere, any place while drinking your coffee and eating a  pain au chocolat.

Yours truly,

Tina Drolc

Editor in Chief 


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