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Global tourists will again discover culinary values of seasons, local culinary skills and, above all, the tastes of locally grown food. Once again the event will discover the richness of food cultures passed on from our ancestors; not as a food 'museum' or a 'theatre' of food history, though, but rather as challenging starting points for discovering and creating new creative options. Preparation of food and pleasure of eating are connected with every day and holidays, habits and customs, and through dishes and meals we get acquainted with different environments and their inhabitants.

Natour therefore emphasizes contemporary interpretations of cultural heritage of this field. Another emphasis is on local and/or regional in cooking. The committee will take into consideration truly innovative solutions which are already being implemented, not ideas and projects in the stage of concept.

This year again, the Jakob award will be given. Jakob for quality and excellence in tourism in the Alps- Adriatic region for the year 2015 will be granted for realized touristic projects related to the topic 'Contemporary interpretations of cultural heritage of local and regional dishes in tourism industry.'

The accompanying programme will offer plenty of opportunities for learning, networking, consulting, and getting in touch with new trends. Simultaneously there will be an option to participate in the Natour exchange and present one's services quality invited buyers of green and active leisure within an organized schedule of meetings. Alongside of business visitors the door will be widely open for all of us travellers, sportsmen, mountaineers, hikers and trekkers, active recreation lovers, joggers, cyclists, horse riders, lovers of adrenaline sports in nature and more - for all ages and to suit every budget.


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