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Raising awareness on cyber security is a driver of business opportunities


That is what was emphasised on Tuesday's business event about cyber security - good practices and business opportunities - attended by 23 guests from Slovenia, Germany, Luxembourg and USA, including Richard Fiasconaro, director of International Commercial Programs at CyberPoint International. "As a company focused on cyber security it is essential to understand customer's needs. In the span of a few short hours I learned how cyber security effects diverse industries ranging from Banking to education in Slovenia and Luxemburg", Fiasconaro said.

The keynote speaker was managing director at in Luxembourg Pascal Steichen. For the first time outside the borders of Luxembourg he presented a national strategy on cyber security of his country. It is a strategy that provides electronic communications infrastructure according to international safety standards, and is a prerequisite for the development of the digital society. "I was very pleased to speak about cyber security in Slovenia because the audience, the participants were really interested in this topic and also in collaboration between two countries to make the internet safer in the future", said Steichen. He believes that it is an interesting opportunity for Slovenian as well as Luxembourg entities to exchange best practices and how small countries can work together.

Luxembourg national strategy on cyber security:

A discussion with experts followed. There were Gorazd Božič (CERT), Tadej Vodopivec (Comtrade), Matej Lamut Skok (NLB), aforementioned Mr. Steichen and moderator Marko Anžič from Deloitte Slovenia.

Financial sector is conscious of importance of cyber security, other users are not

"Luxembourg comprehensive national approach is a very good idea, but it requires awareness of decision- makers (government) and also the business world", said Gorazd Božič, Team Manager in SI-CERT. He notes considerable divergence - the financial sector is conscious of importance of cyber security, while companies and other users are not. "The users' mistakes are the same as in the beginnings of Internet usage, and companies respond to cyber threats or attacks in two ways; to cover it up and enhance marketing campaigns or - as Tesla did -open and invite hackers to try to break into the system and this way they improve the system", he explained.

The first steps of Slovenian national strategy CERT (Slovenian Computer Emergency Response Team) date back to 2008, and the biggest challenge is too much strategy and not enough practice-operation, which is now changing, says Božič. In Luxembourg, they have 11 CERTs - four public and seven private ones, while in 2010 there were first initiatives to separate them also in Slovenia. The plan for other CERT already exists.

"Business Breakfast "Cybersecurity" is unfortunately one of the few events addressing this very important issue. As other speakers had pointed out - for the safety, a man is more essential than technology. We have enough competences, since we as providers are present in the wider region, and are very supportive of this kind of exchange of views", is convinced Igor Hostnik, General manager in Astec.

The event was organized by the Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Club in cooperation with NLB and Zitex - an export-oriented cluster of ICT companies, following the example of Luxembourg colleagues, where cyber security, as already mentioned, is a part of the national strategy. Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Club intends to continue with similar events on the topic.


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