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Ski jumping: Slovenians open new season with second place


Peter Prevc (139 and 132 metres), Domen Prevc (132.5 and 132 m), Jurij Tepeš (133.5 and 127.5 m) and Anže Lanišek (130 and 128.5 m) grabbed 1,001.5 points, 20.4 points less than the winning team.

The Slovenian team was in the lead already after the first series, with Domen Prevc, a 16-year old newcomer to the World Cup, having the honour to jump first.

Jumping 132.5 metres, he took the lead, placing ahead of Norway and Austria. His older brother, veteran Peter Prevc, then sealed the lead with a 139-metre jump.

"Given that we did not know what form we are in compared to our competition before the event, we are very happy with today's result," said Peter Prevc.

He also praised his brother Domen and Lanišek, the youngest members of the team, saying they did a great job.

Coach Goran Janus added: "We were the youngest team, which eventually paid off. Congratulations to all the boys, they performed excellently."

He also announced that "Sunday's individual event will be...a battle for top spots."

Tomorrow, Slovenia's Peter Prevc will be defending his second overall finish from the last season.


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