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Croatian market place & fish market wins Piranesi architecture prize


The judging panel said the project by Dinko Peračić was an example of a successful urban and social renovation which gives a feel of community in an extremely tourist environment.

The Croatian architect will get the award at tonight's ceremony in Portorož.

An international mention was given to the Museum of Archaeology in Vukovar, Croatia, which has been designed by studio Radionica arhitekture + Vanja Ilić.

The other international mention went to the WWII monument to Jewish victims at the Faculty of Humanities of Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, the work of several authors.

As many as 58 projects from Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece and Hungary were entered for the Piranesi 2015.

The judging panel was chaired by Beny Meier, featuring also Boris Bežan, Sonja Gasparin, Beny Meier, Idis Turato, Meritxell Inaraja, Andras Ferkai, Jose Esteves de Matos and David Lorente Ibanez.

The sculpture which comes with the Piranesi has been made by acclaimed Slovenian artist Mirsad Begić.

The Piran Days of Architecture are an international conference of architects boasting one of the longest traditions in the world.

This year, it was held for the 33rd time and focussed on invention and tradition in architecture.

Besides a number of lectures, the event has also featured a number of exhibitions and workshops.


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