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EU Commission announces analysis of Slovenian economy


This will be the sixth consecutive year that the country will be subject to an in-depth analysis and comes despite the fact that it was found no longer to have macroeconomic imbalances at the beginning of the year.

The announcement was made Thursday as the Commission released the Alert Mechanism Report, one of the first steps in the annual Semester cycle of promoting closer coordination and enhanced oversight in fiscal policy.

The large majority of EU countries will undergo the in-depth analysis this year, with the Commission announcing that 17 countries in addition to Slovenia have been included in the process.

The selection was made following the release of the annual growth survey, with which the EU executive opened the new fiscal coordination cycle and identified economic priorities.

Greater emphasis in the selection criteria was this year paid to employment and welfare, with the Commission warning that heavy indebtedness and weak domestic consumption were major issues facing the members.

The results of the in-depth review are expected to be released by the spring with an assessment of whether imbalances are being successfully remedied by individual member states.

In cases where efforts are found to be seriously lacking, the Commission can open proceedings for excessive imbalances and demand remedies.


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