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Innovative cookbook gets Grand Prix at Slovenian Book Fair


"Kitchen for two" is a nice homage to self-publishing, which was originally meant as a one-off wedding present, only to turn into a serious publishing project, according to the award jury.

"This year's selection for the book of the year has confirmed the independent and democratic nature of the Grand Prix of the Slovenian Book Fair. The award went to a self-published and sincere book project, which will come as a surprise for many," Luka Novak said on behalf of the jury.

It is obvious that the concept of cooking as a pair has become very popular in Slovenia, and it has also found its way to book pages, he added.

The special recognition for development of e-publishing meanwhile went to on-line library and book store Biblos. An important aspect of the portal is the availability of books for those who have no access to libraries or those who find reading on e-readers a better reading experience, according to the jury.

The 31th Slovenian Book Fair, which opened on Wednesday and took care of all generations, all literary tastes, expert public and those who like to enjoy debates on broader topics, is slowly drawing to a close. The attendance has exceeded all expectations, according to the organisers.

This year the country is focus was France, and on the occasion the fair was visited by French authors Pascal Bruckner, Jacques Ranciere and Frederic Beigbeder.


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