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FDI Summit Slovenia 2015: Human talent is great advantage for better competitiveness of Slovenia


Main topic of this year's FDI Summit was competitiveness of Slovenia. Why is Slovenia ranked 49th on the 2015 World Competitiveness Scoreboard, how competitive is Slovenia and what needs to improve? International experts in the field of competitiveness, senior Slovenian politicians and high profile business leaders in Slovenia and the region talked about what they are doing in the international environment and how their foreign owners have assisted their growth and development in Slovenia.

Arturo Bris, Chairman of IMD World Competitiveness Center competitiveness, explained that what makes a competitive country is a good, transparent and efficient government, good infrastructure (not just physical infrastructure, but also education and health system) and efficient private sector, which is creating jobs. "Slovenia has a good infrastructure, especially regarding human talent which is an important pillar, but two other areas, government and private sector, can be improved easier and faster than infrastructure. This should be main pillar for Slovenian future in becoming more competitive country".

Slovenian CEO's stressed out that Slovenia has too much birocratic procedures and takes too much time for making decisions to be more competitive. Slovenia has to discover which attractions and niches are main focus, since it can't compete in areas as mass production, but can be competitive on other areas.

Discussion with "change agents" in the field of Education, Research and Innovation - the driving forces of the competitiveness, stressed out that Slovenia has a good base - talents, but it needs a better management of its talents. And a real asset for future is technologies, thinking, creativites, creating new opportunities. Maja Makovec Brenčič from Ministry of Education, Science and Sport said: "We need open and attractive environment, that is circulation of knowledge and global mindset."

Prime Minister Miro Cerar emphasized in closing speech that Slovenia has a strong competitive spirit, what it takes to be better is hard work and persistence, but we are on a good path. The government and business sector has to work together hand in hand. The government of Slovenia is committed to run transparent corporate governance and to rebuild the image of Slovenia


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