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After Vienna, Slovenia to open culture centre in Berlin


The centre would promote cooperation in culture, which has been found to positively affect political and economic cooperation between countries.

The opening of what would be the second Slovenian culture centre abroad is in line with the 2014-2017 national programme for culture.

Slovenia wants to gradually set up a whole network of cultural centres abroad that would be equal partners to the established national cultural centres in the countries they are in.

According to the ministry, despite Slovenia's many promotional efforts not enough has been done to build the country's image, especially in the countries where this positively affects the political and business cooperation.

Cooperation in culture with Slovenia's most important trade partner, Germany, is good and versatile, but could still be expanded and improved, the ministry believes.

Among the reasons for another culture centre in German-speaking countries, the ministry highlighted Slovenia's bid to be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2020 or 2021.

Berlin is also one of the most important centres of the European culture and there is a strong interest in Slovenian design.

The ministry proposes that the city hosting Berlinale, the European Film Market and European Film Academy could also host a retrospective of the Slovenian film, tours of Slovenian musicians as well as theatre and ballet performances.

Being a well-known conference and fair centre, Berlin offers many opportunities for marketing Slovenia as a cultural and tourist destination, the ministry says.

The government supports the project, but "we are still looking for a stable source of financing", the ministry has told the STA, noting that the proposal was on the government's aganda in early November.

Just like thecentre in Vienna, which is called SKICA, the Berlin centre would function as a special unit of the Slovenian Embassy and have offices there.

The centre's founding and operation in 2016 would cost around EUR 215,000 and 207,000 the year after, according to the ministry's estimates.


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