The Slovenia Times

Illustration Fair

Dec 2 - Dec 24

Illustrations and signed prints by 32 Slovenian artists will be up for sale at the 9th annual Illustration Fair at a gallery in Stritarjeva 7, near Ljubljana City Hall.

This year the fair is moving to a temporary location because its original venue, the Vodnik Homestead in Šiška borough, is under renovation.

The idea of the event is to remind the public that illustrations make a suitable Christmas gift.

The authors featured include well established illustrators such as Marjanca Jemec Božič, Ančka Gočnik Godec, Jelka Reichman, Zvonko Čoh and Silvan Omerzu, as well as up-and-coming artists.

Both originals and signed prints will be available, limited and unlimited series, framed and unframed works in various formats.

A selection of illustrated books will also be on display and visitors will get the chance to meet some of the participating authors in person.

The fair takes place both in person (2-24 December) and online (1-24 December).