The Slovenia Times

Sparkling Wine Festival

Dec 26

The Kempinski Palace hotel in Portorož will host the 10th Sparkling Wine Festival, featuring a selection of some of the best sparkling wines and champagnes from about 30 winemakers, including from the French region of Champagne.

Guests will have the chance to pick from over a hundred samples of sparkling wines, including white, red, and rosé varieties, crafted using either the Classic or Charmat Method.

The event at the hotel's Crystal Palace will be accompanied by a programme in the park in front of it, where the Slovenian Wine Knights and the Slovenian Istria Wine Queen will announce the best sparkling wine of Portorož 2023.

The park will also see a concert by the Italian violinist Pierpaolo Foti with a DJ.

Pre-sale tickets have been sold out, but additional tickets will be available at the festival office on the day of the event from 4pm.

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