The Slovenia Times

Maribor Art Gallery's 70th anniversary exhibition

Feb 2 - Dec 3

The Maribor Art Gallery is marking its 70th anniversary with a major display of over 250 works from its 10,000-plus collection, which features Slovenian artists since the end of the 19th century. Some have iconic status, some are less known, and others will be on show for the first time.

Termed Spectrum, the exhibition aims at offering a range of different views and positions on the the works of art from the gallery's collection.

"The main guiding principle of the exhibition, from the selection to the way the works are presented ... is questioning the idea of what the benchmark is," says curator David Tavčar.

Contemporary artists such as Marjetica Potrč, Antea Arizanović and Marko Jakše are among the 100-odd artists featured, alongside impressionists such as Matija Jama, Ivan Grohar and Rihard Jakopič and modernist greats including Veno Pilon and Zoran Mušič.

For more about the exhibition, visit the gallery's website.