The Slovenia Times

Bogdan Borčič exhibition

Apr 4 - Jun 9

Bogdan Borčič (1926-2014) is among the most acclaimed Slovenian late 20th century artists and the Koroška Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Slovenj Gradec has a collection of more than 300 works of his, including 314 paintings, 11 graphics, and 5 sculptures.

The exhibition PAINTING AND SPACE (Interwoven Sequences) highlights two motifs to which the artist constantly returned - the door and the studio. More than 50 works will be on display, including older works and pieces he created in the last 20 years of his life.

The central part of the exhibition is organized around visual echoes, with the visitor following a non-chronological journey through Borčić's works.

For more on the exhibition, visit the gallery website.