The Slovenia Times

Exhibition on propaganda art

Apr 9 - Apr 26

Works by the New Collectivism studio, the Laibach Kunst group, Matjaž Hanžek, Ivan Volarič Feo and Dalibor Martinis are on show at thee P74 Gallery in Ljubljana in an exhibition titled Propaganda.

The exhibited works are meant to provoke and expose propaganda and manipulation in public and political discourse.

They include posters by Laibach. A key representative of the retro-avantgarde movement, the music band has exhibited posters, paintings and performances as Laibach Kunst. One of their posters reinterprets Woman Drinking Coffee, a 1888 painting by Ivana Kobilca, using the ready-made art technique.

Propagandist works were also made by the New Collectivism studio, which opened its doors in 1984 and has designed catalogues, promotional material and political posters. Their posters responding to the ten-day war for Slovenia's independence featured slogans Buy Victory and Bloody Ground Fertile Soil.

The exhibition also features works by Hanžek, Slovenia's former human rights ombudsman, Volarič Feo, a neo-avantgarde and counterculture representative, and Martinis, who is known for his election campaign posters he hung on bus stops in Istria in 2003, featuring his picture and slogan I Am Addressing You Man to Man.