The Slovenia Times

Exhibition on history of Ljubljana fashion

Apr 11 - Feb 23

The Ljubljana City Museum has mounted an exhibition on how people of Ljubljana dressed in the period from 1850 to 1950.

Titled From Corset to Jacket, the display takes visitors on a walk through the history of fashion.

It features around 400 pieces of clothing, including some that have been forgotten, while others can be seen developing through time.

Curator Mojca Ferle says the clothing collection was started in the 1950 by Angelos Baš, a researcher of traditional fashions.

The collection is very diverse and comprises some 4,500 pieces: from outer wear to undergarments and accessories, such as hats, shoes, gloves, fans and parasols.

Divided into several parts, the exhibition features the studios of a tailor and a modiste. Special occasions section features garments worn for personal milestones, such as christenings, weddings, deaths.

The undergarments section shows a varied collection of women's underwear, which, with the exception of corsets, was loose before elastic materials came into use.

Also featured are formal and evening attire, Ljubljana-based fashion craftsmen and sellers, as well as garments of the city's famous residents. Designs by students will also be included.