The Slovenia Times

Exhibition of paintings by Mirsad Begić

May 24 - Jul 1

An exhibition of paintings by Mirsad Begić, one of Slovenia's best known artists, is on show at the Novak Gallery in Ljubljana.

Begić, 71, is best known for his public sculptures and bronzes dedicated to Slovenian artists. He has mostly kept his paintings private.

"My entire body of paintings, which was created simultaneously with all my art, found its meaning and completeness in the days, months and, ultimately, years of my confrontation with the intrusion of reality, which interrupted my linear creative path. Facing disease also meant facing myself and questioning the flow of life and death," Begić wrote ahead of the exhibition.

"Through these reflections, my life's work began to take on a whole new meaning, which I found on the canvas. For me, the medium of art is both an important and an ultimate expression that has rounded off my creative journey,," added Beginć who moved to Slovenia after finishing secondary school in Sarajevo.

His works are part of the collections of Slovenian galleries including Moderna Galerija in Ljubljana and the Slovenj Gradec Museum of Modern Art.

He is also featured abroad, including in Tuzla, Pančevo, Sombor, Kikinda, and Sarajevo, as well in Kobe, Japan, along with being a part of numerous private collections.