The Slovenia Times

Icons of Slovenian design

Jun 20 - Aug 17

Oloop is a trio of Slovenian designers - Tjaša Bavcon, Jasmina Ferček and Katja Burger Kovič - who have worked together for twenty years.

They are responsible for some of the most iconic textiles to have come out of Slovenia in recent years and three of their products - Woolen soap, Flying slippers, and Squareplay - are part of the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana.

But they see their mission as broader and more political. They undertake participatory and socially critical projects designed to empower textile workers, many of whom are underprivileged women.

The exhibition at the Rog Centre, Ljubljana's newest event venue, will spotlight not just their products but also their art projects and activism.

For more on the collective, click here. The full programme (in Slovenian) is available here.