The Slovenia Times

Laibach exhibition

Jun 21 - Jul 17

The world-renowned music group Laibach are best known for their music, but their visual production has been a major component of their art and media appearances.

The exhibition AUSSTELLUNG! LAIBACH KUNST 1980-1984 at Škuc Gallery focuses on their visual artworks, created with an approach that the band calls "the retroavantgarde method" that involves appropriation and montage.

Using references to art, history and politics, often in a contradictory way, they created complex images that offer multiple interpretations.

"Ausstellung! Laibach Kunst" used to be a call to attend the group's early exhibitions, including at Škuc Gallery in the 1980s, a period when the alternative scene in Ljubljana was thriving.

The artworks showcased back then are now on display again.

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