The Slovenia Times

Stunning landscape photographs by Jaka Ivančič

Jun 28 - Sept 1

Stunning photos of landscapes from all over Slovenia by Jaka Ivančič are being put on display at Ljubljana Castle's Palatium and Estates Hall.

Organised in collaboration with National Geographic Slovenija, the exhibition Slovenia: A Symphony of Views was curated by Arne Hodalič, an internationally acclaimed Slovenian photographer, photojournalist and diver who is also the photography editor at National Geographic Slovenija.

Ivančič's photographs from all over Slovenia have won awards at the most prestigious photography competitions, as well as being exhibited at numerous exhibitions and published in many publications.

"Next time you see a photograph of snow-covered Lake Bled with the sunrise in the distance, on the basis of which you set high visual standards that will be difficult to surpass, it will undoubtedly be a photo by Jaka Ivančič," Hodalič says.

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