The Slovenia Times

Sajeta Art & Music Festival in Tolmin

Jul 3 - Jul 7

Sajeta, a small but iconic international festival of genre-transgressing and free music that invented the lively festival scene on the confluence of the Soča and Tolminka rivers in Tolmin, will see about 30 concerts featuring performers from 17 countries this year.

Festival director Janez Leban says the majority of these performances will be exclusive. He highlighted the British trio Red Snapper, known for a unique blend of jazz, funk, dub, and electronic music, producer Thomas Fehlmann, a major figure in the electronic music scene since the 1980s, and the duo 33 whose concerts are described as "performative bubbles in which 33 become the narrators of multisensory experiences".

Leban also drew attention to Slovenian artists who are preparing special performances for Sajeta. These include the modular synthesizers project Clockwork Voltage, singer-songwriter Katja Šulc, "musical futurist" Blaž Gračar, and a collaborative performance by vocalist Ana Čop and cellist and drummer Kristijan Krajnčan.

The accompanying programme will see several workshops for adults and children. For details, click here.