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Slovenia is currently in the process of drawing up its first national strategy for the protection of intellectual property, which is expected to be adopted next year. The UN World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has offered help with the preparations.
In Ljubljana on 25 September for talk
The University of Nova Gorica is in charge of a European project featuring four other Slovenian partners aimed at developing cutting-edge machine learning applications to take on some of the toughest challenges in data science, space research, medicine, linguistics and climate research.
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World's top AI experts in Ljubljana for summer school

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The first European Summer School on Artificial Intelligence (ESSAI) opened in Ljubljana on 24 July, featuring courses and lectures by 60 world-renowned experts. The event aims to acquaint young researchers with the latest advances in the field and stimulate AI development in Slovenia.
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Avant Car plans to continue expanding EV sharing

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Avant Car runs Slovenia's biggest electric car sharing system, Avant2Go, with a fleet of 500 fully electric vehicles. Further expansion is planned, says director Matej Čer.
Additional locations and vehicles will be added in Slovenia to ensure broad coverage and meet the needs of users, Čer told the
Metka Tekavčič, dean of the School of Economics and Business at the University of Ljubljana, is leaving her post in September after ten years. During her tenure the school has become renowned internationally based on work done by previous generations. She told The Slovenia Times that international
The Bavarian State Opera is renovating and expanding its scenery warehouse. The principal contractor is the Slovenian engineering company Riko, which has hired a number of other Slovenian companies for the project.
Riko has been awarded the contract to supply and install the steel structure of the

Slovenian wood industry profitable but should add value

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Slovenia is a country rich in timber, but the annual wood industry event heard that a shift should be made to focus on exporting finished and semi-finished products rather than logs, which have lower added value. The industry will also need to attract more young people.
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Dozens of experts and leaders in politics and business convened in Bled on 19 May for an international conference on crisis management hosted by the IEDC Bled - School of Management and Bloomberg Adria. Setting priorities and focusing on implementation were highlighted as key to success.
Attracting and retaining the right talent is a major challenge for companies, where well-thought-out and targetted measures are needed. Meanwhile, the role of the state is to create an attractive environment by acting fast, flexibly and responsively, one of the FDI Summit debates was told on 28 Feb
Economist Mojmir Mrak discussed the challenges of the increasingly multi-polar world bearing on smaller players such as the EU in his address to the FDI Summit on 28 February. If the EU wants to keep pace with major global players, it needs to act fast as time is running out.
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To attract more foreign direct investment, Slovenia needs to provide a stable and competitive regulatory framework, ensure transparency and improve human resources management where the key is to motivate manpower financially and through organisation, found a panel debate held as part of the FDI Sum